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Enhancing the Good - Book by JoAnn Cannon

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Enhancing the Good: Well Beings, Health and Spirituality
by: JoAnn Cannon, Dr. P.H., D. Min.

This book presents a timely new paradigm for viewing wellness and health as practical manifestations of spirituality. The new model is labeled Euphorology, the study of the good. Fifteen specific factors are identified as contributing to high level well being. Eight projected spiritual directions moving toward Goodness, God and well being are offered as shaping a needed spiritual practice and collective agenda for enhancing the Good, as modern Well Beings chart the 21st Century.

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Enhancing the Good: Well Beings, Health and Spirituality

What's Right With Your Life
Wellness Self Appraisal

A 16-page wellness self-assessment tool that allows people to consider "What's Right With Your Life?" by answering 5 questions under each of 15 wellness factors identified as contributing to personal and professional well-being. The centerfold of the booklet becomes a wellness graph, which can be re-done from time to time for a person to indicate progress in their well-being. Such use is encouraged and generates an understanding about who is creating your own life anyway? It includes a planning guide to assist higher quality of life, when one begins to have different perceptions and makes different choices. The assessment can also be considered from a collective or community perspective. This fresh "asset model" approach is used in a variety of settings as well as by an individual. It is the only assessment tool that has people focus on what is right and has them learn what factors DO contribute to higher quality of life.

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What's Right With Your Life - Wellness Appraisal
Reviews ...
"Through the poetic image of a visionary weak monk, Dr. Cannon creatively and intellectually engages each reader to assess beliefs and behaviors around well being. Instead of traditional negative self-assessments, Jo Ann Cannon challenges us to unfreeze the Light and Goodness that we are, and facilitates us to move towards life affirming and collective well being. Without reservation, I shall require this book in the wellness-related classes that I teach. Our students and young people deserve no less!"
Barbara Sayad, M.P.H., Ph.D. (C)
Faculty, Cal. State, Monterey Bay

"Dr. Cannon’s life-long spiritual quest and years of professional observation brings her to a revelation that what she had called Good and God provide direct links to the concepts of health and well being. Focusing on “what’s right with your life” is the starting point. We then begin to understand that the Good is not in far off mystic realms. It is here in us, even in the rough and tumble of the world! In this thoughtful, loving book, Dr. Cannon shows us how to enhance and move with that evolving. It IS possible that we, our institutions and the earth itself may live in Goodness, well being, and joy."
Louise Bode
Jungian Analyst